Culinary Adventure

Salzburg is the centre of gourmets

Salzburger Land has the most active gourmet chefs and the highest density of organic farmers of Austria.

A perfect place for an exceptional culinary adventure!

By taking a walk through the historic part of Salzburg we will talk about the typical eating culture of the past and present time. Learn about the delicacies from the region, our coffee traditions and some spices that have been imported long ago.

As demanding gourmets the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg spoiled their guests with special food and beverages combined with a pompous welcoming ceremony.

Depending on the tour program we will visit selected shops for a small food tasting, learn from the chefs about their specialties of their products and/or enjoy freshly prepared dishes in different restaurants.

This tour is garnished with lots of fun stories about previous life styles in Salzburg and about the special products of the local chefs and farmers.

Find out who was the pioneer of the “Haute Cousine”, which cake recipe is the oldest in Austria, and where homemade food in top quality is still served.

I want to show you:

Gusto Tour:       a 3 course lunch, every course is served in a different restaurant, incl. 1 drink per dish

Small tasting Tour: Taste many small delicacies from the region along the way

Breakfast Tour: visit traditional and modern Coffeehouses and have an early start with a delicious European Breakfast

Time:   ca. 3 hours

cost: food samples are charged extra

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